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Leveraging state-of-the-art satellite innovations for fibre-like performance

In partnership with Boeing, we’re building our O3b mPOWER constellation using state-of-the-art software-defined, high-throughput satellites (HTS). Designed to minimise size and power usage with advanced digital payload technology and resource control software, O3b mPOWER satellites ensure the services you receive today can be economically scaled up—both in speed and number of customers served.

O3b mPOWER’s electronically steered phased-array antennas support thousands of beams per satellite—each capable of using the full Ka-band spectrum—enabling speeds from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps. With frequency reuse, each O3b mPOWER satellite delivers hundreds of gigabits in capacity, contributing to the multi-terabit capabilities of the full constellation. Digital payload processing systems provide complete control to electronically size, route, and power channels dynamically - in real time.

Combined with bandwidth pools, configurable forward and return rates, and mobility options, you can efficiently get the most out of your O3b mPOWER-enhanced network.

O3b mPOWER’s space systems deliver: 

  • More flexible service offerings enabled by dynamic and steerable beams, digital payloads, and software control
  • Massive capacity for future scalability, with efficient use of the full Ka-band spectrum, frequency reuse, and thousands of beams
  • Unmatched performance and economies of scale with industry-leading software-defined HTS innovations


Why is SES investing in MEO over LEO? And what inspired the engineering and technical development behind SES’s upcoming project - O3b mPOWER?

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