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Operating networks at cloud scale

Operating a global network that’s ready to fully embrace the cloud takes an intelligent, software-driven architecture that’s purpose-built for the cloud’s requirements. O3b mPOWER leverages innovations in software so you can accelerate service delivery. Deploy and re-deploy services on demand. Seamlessly integrate fibre-like connections from your most remote facilities into your existing network. And optimise service performance for a vast array of customer needs.

By synchronizing spacecraft and ground system resources, dynamically controlling power levels, throughput, and frequency allocation, Adaptive Resource Control (ARC) lets you automate the delivery of bandwidth where and when it’s needed. It allows for robust service level agreements (SLAs) across a variety of service models, including on-demand, consumption-based, and dynamic bandwidth pools—helping your customers drive network efficiency and generate more revenue.

The combination of O3b mPOWER and SD-WAN provides unmatched levels of security, application awareness, and resiliency. Key for multi-access networking, SD-WAN provides policy-driven control over the network with intelligent application steering over the optimal link, and leverages network insights for analytics and reporting.

Our strategic investment in ONAP ensures O3b mPOWER uses the same open, standards-based orchestration platform as leading network operators. This helps you bring new services to market faster, makes it easier to deliver them via satellite, and helps you find more ways to package and monetise connectivity and applications.

Software innovations:

  • Automate service delivery wherever and whenever it’s needed
  • Deliver robust SLAs across a variety of service models
  • Seamlessly interoperate with existing networks to speed up time to market

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