Extending global cloud connectivity

Enable a cloud-optimised network environment—anywhere

With O3b mPOWER, you can leverage our low-latency, high-throughput satellite services to enable high-performance cloud operations anywhere on Earth. Designed with unmatched system-level flexibility to support bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive cloud workloads, O3b mPOWER delivers dedicated, private connections just one hop away from cloud service providers.

O3b mPOWER delivers:

  • High-throughput services scalable to multiple gigabits per second
  • Low-latency performance for time-sensitive cloud workloads
  • Flexible bandwidth allocation on forward and return links
  • Low-risk, future-proof solutions that build on our commercially proven O3b MEO technology


On this episode of Satellite Stories, we discuss why global strategic partnerships are key for growing our cloud-based service offerings - and why more of the services end users are relying upon are based on this mysterious thing called ‘the cloud’.

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