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Take a deeper look into how O3b mPOWER addresses your network challenges today and in the future. With application examples across a range of industries, this insight paper demonstrates how working with SES and O3b mPOWER enables you to reimagine your success story.


New to O3b mPOWER? Get started with a few key resources that can take you through the highlights of our most powerful constellation ever. Hear from our CEO, introduce yourself to an truly connected world, and learn why now is the time to reimagine your success story. Groundbreaking scale, flexibility and performance are ready to exceed your expectations.

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SES CEO Steve Collar looks ahead at what's next, including O3b mPOWER and the cloud.


The time to reimagine is now

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Ready to learn more about O3b mPOWER? Here are in-depth resources for you to peruse on a variety of relevant topics from cloud readiness to the differences between low, medium and geostationary orbits - and the associated impact on performance.

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What inspired the innovation behind O3b mPOWER? Hear straight from the source in this deep-dive with Stewart Sanders, executive Vice President of Technology and O3b mPOWER Programme Manager.


Reimagine scale

Reimagine performance

Reimagine flexibility


Cloud-ready software innovation

Learn about how ground and software systems prepare O3b mPOWER to be the leading cloud networking option via satellite.


Interested in understanding how orbital position in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) affects satellite network services? Here's a simple guide to the orbits.

Expand your networks

Extending your reach to new territories can be a complicated investment. Read this guide to find out what you might consider before digging fibre or committing to another traditional model.

Enable new services

Go further into the value chain and engage more people in more ways by creating new models and service offerings. Read this guide to start thinking about the possibilities of the future.

Adapt to changes in demand

Demand is growing and changing more rapidly than ever before. Keep pace and stay flexible with a satellite constellation ready for cloud and 5G applications on a global scale. Read this guide to start thinking about preparing for future demand.

Listen and learn

Get straight to the source by listening and watching these interviews of SES colleagues including Steve Collar and Stewart Sanders. Learn directly from the team building O3b mPOWER, and find out what keeps them inspired to introduce the powerful constellation that will reimagine how the world sees satellite networking.

Listen to the podcast:

From Microsoft to IBM Global Services to Amazon and Netflix…the importance of offering reliable and secure public and private cloud based services is something SES is continuing to build upon.

Learn from Sergy Mummert, Senior VP of Global Cloud and Strategic Partnerships at SES why global strategic partnerships are key for growing cloud-based service offerings.


Adapt to changing demand

Reimagine satellite networks

Expand your networks

Reimagine future services

Game changing flexibility


Steve Collar: Looking Back at SES Past And Present

SES CEO, Steve Collar, recaps the company's 35 year history, the story of O3b's launch back in 2013 and his personal passion for working in such a dynamic industry.


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Gain deeper insights into how O3b mPOWER uniquely redefines network services anywhere around the globe.

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