Offshore Energy

Empowering digitalisation in oil & gas

Cloud- and edge-based digital technologies promise higher efficiency and lower costs for your operations, but the limitations of terrestrial networks may be blocking your access to these capabilities.

Optimise digital application performance—everywhere you operate

O3b mPOWER’s unprecedented flexibility means beams can be shifted to new locations in near real-time and allows you to dynamically allocate bandwidth among facilities, reducing under-used capacity.

Why O3b mPOWER?

  • Low-latency, high-throughput connectivity unlocks digital applications essential to streamlining operations and improving productivity
  • Flexible forward and return link ratios allow individual platforms and rigs to optimise upstream and downstream traffic based on application requirements
  • Real-time beam shifting enables bandwidth to be allocated dynamically among facilities and allows you to choose how your traffic is delivered to gateways


From Skyping on a ship in Brazil, to dangling from a helicopter basket above the Norwegian Sea, Morten looks at how O3b is used by maritime businesses today and an insight into working out at sea on oil rigs, drilling platforms and vessels.

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