Connected Mining

Maximising safety and productivity in mining operations

Driving the digital supply chain—anywhere

As the need for automation and real-time communication grows, mining companies are looking for solutions that can meet the bandwidth requirements of their most remote operations, beyond the reach of terrestrial connectivity. O3b mPOWER’s high-throughput, low-latency services ensure you can address every step of the digital supply chain and enable latency-sensitive applications for process automation and crew safety, no matter the distance or geography.

Our multi-orbit capabilities give you the flexibility to match the right technology to your customers’ needs. Connect multiple mining sites in a region via our geostationary earth orbit (GEO) fleet or meet the bandwidth needs of next-gen mines by extending connectivity scalable to multiple gigabits per second via our medium earth orbit (MEO) O3b mPOWER constellation. O3b mPOWER’s low-latency performance enables business-grade communications—for cloud workloads, real-time monitoring and reporting, IoT, mobile edge computing, and video conferencing.

Why O3b mPOWER?

  • High-throughput bidirectional services support large volumes of data generated and required by automated mines
  • Low-latency performance enables timely data transmission from smart sensors and wearables used for operations and crew safety
  • Multi-orbit solutions combine O3b mPOWER and our GEO fleet to help you meet specific end-user needs

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