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Driving digital transformation for commercial fleets

Digitalisation has the potential to transform commercial maritime operations, but the lack of terrestrial connectivity at sea makes it difficult to leverage next-generation bandwidth-intensive applications on commercial vessels.

Enabling fibre-like connectivity—on major maritime routes

O3b mPOWER breaks down that barrier, paving the way for maritime service providers to deliver the connectivity their customers need to deploy digital technologies while promoting crew welfare and retention.

O3b mPOWER delivers unrivalled bandwidth flexibility, which means each vessel can receive exactly the level of connectivity that it needs. Ship owners can streamline operations, reduce costs and improve safety via new technologies such as advanced analytics, smart sensors and fleet telematics. O3b mPOWER’s low latency and high throughput ensure crew stays connected via content streaming and video calling services and benefit from productivity and safety applications like remote training and telemedicine.

Why O3b mPOWER?

  • Fibre-like connectivity scalable to multiple gigabits per second enables digital applications that streamline operations and improve crew’s quality of life
  • Flexibility in bandwidth allocation ensures you can deliver connectivity when and where it’s needed and avoid wasted capacity
  • Interoperability with our geostationary earth orbit (GEO) fleet delivers seamless coverage on any maritime route


Learn more about how O3b mPOWER will help the maritime industry reimagine its business with this Satellite Stories podcast, featuring SES’s Greg Martin.

Listen to the podcast:

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